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What is sporty casual dress code?

    Hello dear friends, If you like to be comfortable and ready for whatever comes your way, the sporty casual look might be right up your ally. When it comes to casual attire, jeans are a go-to, and they look good on everyone. Not only that, but they pair well with most sporty clothes. For this ensemble, most styles will do, including skinny, ripped, straight, cropped, and distressed jeans. Standard blue washes go with everything, but white or black denim also look great. A t-shirt with jeans is a classic outfit that very well may never go out of style. It’s super laid-back, universally flattering, and appropriate to wear in most casual settings. But if you want to look a little more sporty, go for a workout t-shirt, a baseball-style shirt, a polo, a sports tee that represents your favorite team, or even a jersey. For shoes, we suggest sticking with casual tennis shoes or trainers. Again, squeaky-clean white sneakers will freshen up any outfit, but other styles can look just as sharp.