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Hello dear friends,
The word elegance is derived from the Latin 'eligere', meaning to select. Elegance then, has to do with specific choices you make and how you put things together. Modern elegance is about refining choices to reflect your own unique, personal style and being authentic. 
The basic principles of achieving a beautiful, elegant look that is timeless are quite simple. There is of course, a more sophisticated elegance whose taste you will eventually develop. A timeless, elegant man is always clean, neat, graceful in appearance, you´ll always notice him before his suit, wearing quality clothes, he also dresses appropriately, according to occasion, prefers timeless, classic style. 
 The first steps to achieving a timeless, elegant style is to be immaculate in personal grooming. It is impossible for someone to be elegant without being immaculately groomed. 
Quality is essential to elegance. Aim for quality over quantity. Good quality is not an extravagance, it lasts for a long time and may end up to be cheaper because you get more uses of each item. When you really love an item of clothing, you’ll find yourself wearing it over and over. So only buy what you love. So an elegant dressing and shopping rule of thumb is to hold out for the quality stuff, buy only what you love and do more with less. 
In this post I want to introduce you to a fantastic brand that makes accessories for men´s and women´s from leather. Libra was originally designed as a solution to the problem every woman and men has – never being able to find what you are looking for in your bag, at the moment you need it. Libra became a solution that helps you have everything organized, in order to save time – the time you spend searching for things, and the time you spend transferring things from one bag to another. Libra developed into a product for both men and women. It became the perfect solution for not having your things in all of your pockets. You can fully adjust your Libra. Their design team will be happy to help you create the ideal look, look and feel for your special needs. You can choose leather for the outside, inside and pockets, as well as the shapes and sizes of the pockets as well as your initials. I would also like to praise the people who work for this brand, a beautiful experience, very kind and professional, it is an honor to work with you and be one of your ambassadors.
My jewelry is brand Daniel Wellington, They produce wristwatches and jewelry. I am delighted with the quality and appearance of their products, as well as the good people working for this brand. I am also pleased to be one of the promoters of this brand. If you want to buy this products this is wristwatch classic york DW 
and rings classic ring DW.

Big thank you to my friend South_agency and bogdanilius for being a good photographer companion. 



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