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Accessories, no decent clothes are complete without them. But sometimes it can be difficult to know how good an investment any of these stylish means can look like. Accessories are very important for women´s but also for men´s. These are men's accessories that will never go out of fashion. 
Few things do a man more favours than a pair of sunglasses. Flattering, practical, and a dab hand at hiding dark circles when needed; glasses conjure up images of golden-age movie stars. It’s telling that the most popular styles have changed little over the decades. Aviators, Wayfarers and Clubmasters are all time-honoured staples that suit different face shapes. A good belt does more than simply hold your trousers up – it also holds a look together. Whether a much-needed divide for tall men between the top and bottom halves on an outfit or a subtle compliment to leather derbies, a decent cowhide belt will endure long after other accessories have gone out of style. Choose brown, black or one of each, and always opt for the best you can afford. This thing will be holstering your trousers for many years to come, and you wouldn’t want to be unseated by a crumbling imitation number. Subtle, classic buckles in unprocessed metallic tones will also stand you in good stead. Is there any name in the world of fashion more winning than ‘the weekender?’ A bag reserved for the best time of the week. The weekend bag – or leather holdall – is an enduring favourite of the menswear. As with most leather accessories, favour simple black or brown (or, in defiance of the rules, a mixture of the two), or a faded olive shade for a more contemporary take. As well as colourways, look to experiment with texture. Supple, smooth calfskin is a sleek choice, while a fuller, more tactile pebble grain lends a rugged feeling. In many ways, scarves are the perfect accessory. In the depths of winter, they can be used to fend off piercing winds, while in the milder months they can add a hint of colour. The sheer variety of combinations available means a accessories for neck piece can also be all things to all men: stark red and black for a modish, striking look; deep greens and blues for a classic, preppy feel.
In this post I want to introduce you to a fantastic brand that makes accessories for men´s and women´s from leather. Libra was originally designed as a solution to the problem every woman and men has – never being able to find what you are looking for in your bag, at the moment you need it. Libra became a solution that helps you have everything organized, in order to save time – the time you spend searching for things, and the time you spend transferring things from one bag to another. Libra developed into a product for both men and women. It became the perfect solution for not having your things in all of your pockets. You can fully adjust your Libra. Their design team will be happy to help you create the ideal look, look and feel for your special needs. You can choose leather for the outside, inside and pockets, as well as the shapes and sizes of the pockets as well as your initials. I would also like to praise the people who work for this brand, a beautiful experience, very kind and professional, it is an honor to work with you and be one of your ambassadors.
Big thank you to my friend South_agency and bogdanilius for being a good photographer companion. 
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