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Remember the old days when the clothes men wore all looked the same as the clothes other guys were wearing? Some men though, broke those rules. They were actors, musicians or some other celebrities that got away with it. In today’s society men have such a wide variety of choice, that everyone has their own style and wears things in their own way. 
This year suits are looking like throwbacks to bygone classic eras. Black suits can seem intimidating. They are just so stark, and can be seen as serious or funereal. There are ways to make the black suit look more contemporary.  You could pick a shirt with something a little different about it like a rounded collar. Draw attention away from the suit itself by wearing jewelry such as a watch. Shoes with a high polish would move the eye away from the severity of the suit too. As mentioned, brown shoes are one of the hot trends right now so you could try that. Always draw your black-suit inspiration from musicians and artists. Because they’re not acting cool. They actually are. But it should fit really well. 
The suit is back. But, unlike the rules about suits in the past, you can get more creative with them now. Wearing T-shirts with suits began so long ago that it’s become a classic. Or you could try a polo shirt, or not tuck in whatever shirt you pick. Ties don’t have to be worn with suits anymore, but the ones out there give lots of options as a scarfs. In fact the most important thing is that the suit must be of excellent quality, as well as the coat, scarf, details, shoes, everything. 
If you’re just beginning your coat collection, a black pea coat is a perfect place to start; it’s timeless, versatile, and warm.
This coat features a double-breasted button closure with a wide notched collar and lapel. Traditionally these coats are made of heavy,  melton wool in either navy or black. As the years have gone by, the wool used in making  coats has softened and the colors available have broadened. Since an overcoat is intended to be worn over a standard suit, it tends to feature a wider cut. Generally, an overcoat is constructed of high-quality wool fabrics that are designed to withstand harsh weather. This coat allows the wearer to transition from formal to casual with ease. Wear it with a button-down and a pair of slacks, and it fits in seamlessly.
When it comes to the manufacturing process behind these high-quality men’s shoes, top-grade leather is indispensible. Shoe history shows that shoe construction and production methods have hardly changed over the years: the craft remains steeped in tradition. 
The oxfords is one of the best-known varieties of men’s footwear. Though, it’s not just a type of shoe; the oxfords is much more than just an open-laced, double-stitched derby decorated with broguing, a heel cap and a wing cap. These sturdy shoes are an excellent choice for the big and tall gentleman, and they work well for all manner of leisure activities. Although black models pair especially well with sporty outfits, the same can’t be said for business suits. On the other hand, they do combine well with corduroys and jeans.
Big thank you to my friend South_agency and bogdanilius for being a good photographer companion. 
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