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Black Business Look

 Hello dear friends, Remember the old days when the clothes men wore all looked the same as the clothes other guys were wearing? Some men though, broke those rules. They were actors, musicians or some other celebrities that got away with it. In today’s society men have such a wide variety of choice, that everyone has their own style and wears things in their own way.  This year suits are looking like throwbacks to bygone classic eras. Black suits can seem intimidating. They are just so stark, and can be seen as serious or funereal. There are ways to make the black suit look more contemporary.  You could pick a shirt with something a little different about it like a rounded collar. Draw attention away from the suit itself by wearing jewelry such as a watch. Shoes with a high polish would move the eye away from the severity of the suit too. As mentioned, brown shoes are one of the hot trends right now so you could try that. Always draw your black-suit inspiration from musicians and artis

Casual winter look

  Hello dear friends, Casual wear is relaxed, with the right amount of elegance and laid back and suited for everyday use. Casual clothes typically blend personal comfort and individuality – since you have to mix and match different garments to create your unique look. You can, quite literally, wear what you want. If there are no strict rules and few limits, there still are style guidelines for Casual clothes worn outside of the privacy of your home, however. Whether you choose to keep it simple or are feeling a little adventurous, Casual can be interpreted slightly differently depending on the situation and venue. This leaves you with the difficult task of figuring out what to wear to find the sweet spot between overdressed and underdressed. The Casual style is very much influenced by trends, from high street to high end.  If you want to project a more polished appearance, opt for a quality pair of jeans in straight-leg styles and a dark wash. For a more laid-back, off-duty look, go f