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Welcome 2021 with the best style

  Hello dear friends,  When it comes to trying your own all-black look then, be aware of fabric choice. Look to mix corduroy   with wool, leather jackets with denim and cashmere with cotton – the more, the better. This’ll give a bit of life to what you’re wearing and will prevent things from looking too flat.  Once you’ve got this simple rule down, all-black is a walk in the park, which is part of the appeal in the first place. Not only is it easy to combine garments, investing in black clothing could actually save you money since everything goes together. And not only that, your new black bomber jacket or leather black jacket can be worn with virtually everything else in your wardrobe – there’s not a color that black doesn’t suit. This is a black combination that is very common, for many people this look is stylish and very elegant, but not for me, I wanted to show that this is good, but it's not a good choice especially for people who are in the fashion industry. I think that the

Black & White Autumn

  Hello dear friends,  Monochrome photography  is photography  where each position on an image can record and show a different amount  of light, but not a different hue.    It includes all forms of black and white    photography, which produce images containing tones of neutral grey ranging from black to white.  Other hues besides grey, such as sepia, cyan  or brown can also be used in monochrome photography.  In the contemporary world, monochrome photography is mostly used for artistic purposes and certain technical imaging applications, rather than for visually accurate reproduction of scenes.    Black-and-white photography is considered by some to be more subtle and interpretive, and less realistic than color photography.    Monochrome images are not direct renditions of their subjects, but are abstractions from reality, representing colors in shades of grey. In computer terms, this is often called grayscale.  Black-and-white photography is considered by some to add a more emotional