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Spring with Iconic DW

Hello dear friends,  I want to introduce you to a fantastic brand Daniel Wellington . They produce wristwatches and jewelry. I hope I have made good photos. I am delighted with the quality and appearance of their products, as well as the good people working for this brand. I am also pleased to be one of the promoters of this brand.  Daniel Wellington has launched a collection of new products Iconic Link models for women and men in different sizes, that you can compare on their web. On my hand is their new size of this model, 40mm. Daniel Wellington give -15% to buy products using my code ``mensfashion``. Happy shopping.  Daniel Wellington is a Swedish brand founded in 2011 by Filip Tysander. By using minimalist designs DW creates watches that can be sold to a younger generation of consumers. Since its inception, Daniel Wellington has sold over 6 million watches; the company has gained this success through its digital strategy in social networks like Instagram. Headquarte