Tokyo Style Edit - part 3

Hello dear friends, 

It wasn’t so long ago that street style photos were published without captions on and various blogs. In many cases, we didn’t need to identify the subjects—you knew who Anna Dello Russo and Cara Delevingne were. But if someone caught your eye who you didn’t recognize—maybe someone who wasn’t well-known, or who didn’t work in the industry—it was nearly impossible to figure out who they were. Instagram changed that, of course. More than anything, street style is defined by a sense of fearlessness and unbridled joy. It’s a reassuring reminder that thinking bigger and bolder with your fashion choices pays off. Beyond Instagram and other forms of social media, the city streets are some of our favorite places to score outfit inspiration, especially when it comes from the best dressed off-duty models.

For this post I wear oversize black sweatshirt, one of my favorite, it is very warm and practical, especially for travel. I wear summer denim shorts as a contrast, because in my country it is still warm for this time of the year, black sports socks and deep leather black boots. 

I  really hope you like this post, follow my blog, I also welcome your comments and hope you enjoy it all. :)


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