Do you prefer clothing that are comfortable or stylish?

Hello dear friends,

Do you prefer clothing that are comfortable or stylish? I think it's all your choice, though it also depends on the job that you do. People who every day go to work, and have a desk job, opt for some form of elegance, the stylish, while people who work from home or something outside of the office have the right to choose, and in most cases are very comfortable clothes. For me, sweatpants are a bit more comfortable than a regular T-shirt, but for a lot of people, it's jeans and white T-shirt, it's also great. 

In this post I present a combination that is very simple and practical, such as black T-shirt and sweatpants, it is the basis of the whole outfit, everything else is just an upgrade of the whole look with details. i chose red but you can have any color, you also do not have to fit sneakers and cap or shirt and sneakers, these can be different colors, you will also look very relaxed and interesting. in addition to my passion for fashion, I want to emphasize that fashion is how we present it to others, not what the trend of the moment is, how you wear those things, how you behave in them, and what attitude you have.

 I  really hope you like this post, follow my blog, I also welcome your comments and hope you enjoy it all. :)


  1. You look great
    Stylish + Comfortable = Perfect dressing

  2. Yeah, I prefer casual and comfortable clothing rather than formal, Recently I have bought casual shirts online, and thankfully I got my shirts with good quality even better than my expectation.


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