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 The big difference in men’s cosmetics from women’s, is that this make-up is designed to be invisible.  It’s more like grooming, a subtle evolutionary step from your daily moisturiser that slaps an Instagram filter on your face in real life. We don’t think it’s really a revolution, or feminisation gone berserk. It’s just an option – one you can take or leave as you see fit to fine-tune your appearance. More and more products are being launched with men as their specific target, brands are now doing skincare and light cosmetic products that are branded and packaged for men. When it comes to men’s make-up for the everyday guy, it’s not so much about going to town with a whole box of colours as more of a fixer for a problem like dark circles or a spot. For me, men’s make-up should hide imperfections and look believable, a bit like they’ve had a good night’s sleep. 
A primer prepares the skin for everything else that follows, allowing it to go on easier and last longer. It’s not an essential step, so can be skipped in a pinch, but the right formulation can also have additional benefits, like controlling oiliness or hydrating dryness. A double skin win.
BB and CC creams are essentially part moisturiser and part make-up, meaning they’re great at achieving a natural but healthy looking complexion. BB stands for blemish balm and is ideal for spot-prone skin or those in need of a little colour boost. CC stands for colour correcting and provides light coverage while also reducing the appearance of redness or age spots. 
Concealer works by blending imperfections into the surrounding skin, so use it for hiding under-eye shadows, or spot coverage. 
Lips are more prone to damage than almost anywhere else on the body. Lip balm is something amazing and something that I use every day.  Avoid anything that says ‘gloss’ opt for a manly option a matte formula that’s moisturising but doesn’t give too much shine when you smile. 
Neon makeup is very popular in this moment. This set of photos was made for my dear friend, makeup artist @ivanapredic to promote her work and her salon. I really hope you like this post, follow my blog, I also welcome your comments and hope you enjoy at all :)


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  2. Cool make up and perfect photos!!



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