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Makeup - neon

Hello dear friends,  T he big difference in men’s cosmetics from women’s,  is that this make-up is designed to be invisible.  It’s more like grooming, a subtle evolutionary step from your daily moisturiser that slaps an Instagram filter on your face in real life.  We don’t think it’s really a revolution, or feminisation gone berserk. It’s just an option – one you can take or leave as you see fit to fine-tune your appearance. More and more products are being launched with men as their specific target, b rands are now doing skincare and light cosmetic products that are branded and packaged for men.  When it comes to men’s make-up for the everyday guy, it’s not so much about going to town with a whole box of colours as more of a fixer for a problem like dark circles or a spot. For me, men’s make-up should hide imperfections and look believable, a bit like they’ve had a good night’s sleep.  A primer prepares the skin for everything else that follows, allowing it to go on easier