Ugly shoes

 Hello dear friends, 
The shoes’ look is divisive, because they are rather different from the slim, elegant styles some are used to wear. They may look  ´´ugly´´, but designers and sportswear brands have studied well the shoes’ performance. Most of the times ´´dad sneakers´´ feature a double or triple sole, making you look a little taller, quite a bonus, and help walking smoothly  without affecting too much the back or the legs. Another divisive element is the décor: curvy lines in bright hues or neon colors. Rather flashy shoes for those used to all white or all black styles. The dad sneakers for 2018/19  take us back to about 20 years ago when trainers had a cartoon like design that imitated the look of videogames characters. In other words, the final effect is more sporty that chic. I love this new style for 21. century, freedom as well as a combination of different styles, playing with fashion. I´m delighted with these big sneakers, because they fit in with everything. For work with jeans or trousers, fantastic for traveling because they are very comfortable, as well as something more elegant with the classic suit but also for night out.
 For this post, I decided to wear plaid pants, which are my designs, green and black, classic white T-shirt, brown belt, blue sunglasses, gold jewellery,  and this beautiful and my favorite sneakers for summer. This is casual style, modern casual style.
 I really hope you like this post, follow my blog, I also welcome your comments and hope you enjoy it all. :)

 sneakers - PUMA


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