In the heart of the canyon

Hello everyone, 
Rosomački lonci (Rosomacki pots) is one of the names of the canyon of Rosomač, the river which is located in eastern Serbia, Stara Planina, near the village Slavinja, about 30 km away from city of Pirot. Rosomač makes an unusual layered canyon edge, which contains several extensions to the edges that resemble pots or boilers, after which the canyon got its name.The canyon is also known as Rosomačko throat. Тhe best time to explore the canyon is during the summer, and people who are willing to risk a battle with the river current and slippery rocks have the chance to enjoy some of the best views of the canyon. 
I came here to enjoy in the beautiful view, but also to make these fantastic photos for you, my whole outfit is from H&M.
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