Different type of street style

Hello dear friends,

There is a lot going on these days in the men's style landscape. Streetwear is still a dominating force, but so is unisex clothing. Fast fashion grabs a lot of men's consumer dollars. There's uber-expensive examples of luxury everywhere you look, and also a huge audience for the intentional, ironically cheap style.  Options for men are pretty limited when it comes to self expression through fashion. For this post I wear a combination which is always modern and attractive, that you can wear to a night out, for a walk around the city, go to university, school or trip. It will still be a relaxed style, but you will nonetheless demonstrate that you are thinking about your appearance.

For this post I wear colorful turtleneck sweater and black pants with leather gray sneakers and black hat, my favorite. This sneakers are very popular in this moment. I love them. This is the casual street style. It is my favorite. This is very simple style, but it is very interesting, you can combine any sweater or shirt and blazer with other things from this post, you will look different but very modern. 

I  really hope you like this post, follow my blog, I also welcome your comments and hope you enjoy it all. :)

turtleneck sweater - Springfield
pants - H&M
sneakers - Hotic


  1. You have an amazing style my friend! ♥


  2. Great post
    I'm following you, can you follow me back?

  3. I think this is a cool and very stylish outfit! :)
    Thanks for sharing!



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