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Leather jacket

 Hello dear friends,  A   leather jacket is a jacket -length coat that is usually worn on top of other apparel or item of clothing, and made from the tanned hide  of various animals. The leather material is typically dyed  black, or various shades of brown, but a wide range of colours is possible. Leather jackets can be designed for many purposes, and specific styles have been associated with subcultures such as greasers, rednecks, motorcyclists  and music subcultures  who have worn the garment for protective or fashionable reasons, and occasionally to create a potentially intimidating appearance.  Most modern leather jackets are produced in Pakistan, India, Canada, Mexico and the United States, using hides left over from the meat industry.  Fabrics simulating leather such as polyurethane or PVC  are used as alternatives to authentic animal hide leather depending on the needs of the wearer such as those pursuing vegan  lifestyles or for economic reasons as synthetic fibers tend

Tokio Style Edit

Hello dear friends,  Streetwear is a style of street fashion rooted in Californian surf and skate culture.  It has grown to encompass elements of hip hop fashion, Japanese street fashion, and modern haute couture fashion. In 2011 Complex magazine named Stussy, Supreme and A Bathing Ape as the top streetwear brands. Sportswear fashion is a fashion trend which mixes the high and low, formal and active style in one look. They emphasize being casual and comfortable. Contemporary people can go directly from gym to shopping, without a change of their looks. Sporty outfits have transformed into street style, they no longer just emphasize on the garment’s functionality. Instead, the trend has an increasing diversified style, which may allow people to dress trendily even in sportswear. Common sportswear worn in contemporary street styles are like hoodies, bomber jackets, tennis-style skirts, luxe track pants, leggings and sneakers etc. Sportswear in trend can be seen as revival from the

Wash bag - MAHI leather

Hello friends,  I know about a lot off brands that produce bags, but one of them is special. With this post, I want to present you a great brand  MAHI . This bag is great to pack all your things for personal hygiene. From the stunning skin is made. There are enough places, I love it. It's great for traveling or for everyday use. You can put your initials on it, just as I have done. My recommendation for everyone is this great brand, if you want to get something good and quality to take your MAHI bag. I  really hope you like this post, follow my blog, I also welcome your comments and hope you enjoy it all.  The Classic Wash Bag