5 Details about men's fashion every guy can not ignore

No matter how confident a man is, specific fashion details should not be ignored. Here are common mistakes men make that keep them from looking well-dressed.
1.       Allowing trousers to puddle over shoelaces 
Making a statement with the clothes you choose can be accomplished in many ways. A blue suit with a nicely patterned shirt is one way. Slim bottle green trousers and a pair of monk strap shoes is another. 
Letting unhemmed suit trousers loosely flow over your shoe tops is not. Whatever style pants are worn, they should never touch the top of the shoes. The fabric is not to bunch at the ankle.
2. Ignoring the value of accessories
Bryan Ferry and a bow tie, Keith Richards and scarves, and the Persols worn by Steve McQueen are examples of successfully accessorizing an outfit. Square pockets, the wrong tie or shoes can irreparably ruin a beautiful shirt. 
Some men invest in only on hand accessory, the watch. That watch should be an exceptional timepiece. A man in a great outfit sabotages the effect with a sad looking watch. 
Sometimes colourful accessories are not only the fashion for women's dresses. Having many ties is a beautiful way to enrich a wardrobe with colour. Be careful in the selection of colours. A tie with unsuitable colour can make your expensive suit and shirt looks cheap. A navy-blue silk tie makes an excellent essential accessory for a man's wardrobe. 
3. Leaving a label on a suit or scarf 
Designers sometimes put their names on a coat sleeve or conspicuously on a scarf. You may occasionally notice some ladies wear their heels with labels stick on the soles. It is also distressing when an otherwise well-dressed man does not know to remove the label. 
The labels have been sported without shame by men with the best intentions. No matter how well-known a designer is, a tag should not be used as an accessory.
4. Rolling up shirt cuffs improperly 
Rolled up sleeves are appropriate when 
·         The weather is hot  
·         A casual effect is desired 
·         To show off your well-toned arms
Believe it or not, there are proper ways to roll cuffs. All begin by unbuttoning all the buttons and flipping the cuffs back and inside out. Stop there and tuck corners in neatly for a casual forearm roll. 
The master sleeve roll folds the cuff to just below the elbow, and then rolls from the bottom until it traps the cuff. The basic turn, used when engaged in physical labour, rolls the cuff back the width of the cuff and continues to run past the elbow. 
5. Not emptying pants pockets 
Dress trousers traditionally have a straight up-and-down slit with little or no hemming to reduce the visual impact. Keep as few items as possible in your pockets. Overloaded pockets bulge regardless of how well they are tailored. 
A suit jacket typically offers ample space to carry small items. Putting them in the coat makes sitting more comfortable also. 



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