Flannel shirt

Hello friends, sports casual combinations are excellent, they can be worn throughout the day and for many occasions. These red flannel shirt are great, every combination with them looks fantastic. The shirt on me is from a great site Rosegal. People want to have the perfect things and to look innovative and different at every  opportunity. This website is a great idea for online shopping.  If you have obligations from early morning until late at night, out of colledge to work and a birthday party in the evening, you can be in the same clothes and to look good, a combination that I present in this post will help you make a busy day easier.
 The jeans are dark and a little sorter, 7/8, without elastin, are very comfortable and sturdy. Classic black sneakers, which complement the combination as well as the T-shirt. The cap goes well with the shirt, you can wear it with the trainers but it fits well with this combination. I do not want to talk a lot, enjoy in photos, I think they are great. 
I  really hope you like this post, follow my blog, I also welcome your comments and hope you enjoy it all. :)

cap - Nike 
jeans - Levi´s
sneakers - Converse


  1. First of all, I really love these photos! It looks like you're having so much fun!
    Secondly, I love the red flannel shirt and you styled it perfectly!
    Julia xo

  2. Super post ♡

  3. You look great, i love how you did your styling


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