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Retro look

Hello friends! I love to wear suits. I do not often get the chance to wear a suit, but it can be work separately. You can wear a good pair of jeans, shoes and a blaizer or pants, shoes and shirt, the combination will immediately look quite elegant. My suit is checkered, with two colors on it, it follows the bodyline. My suit in retro style, fits perfectly with shoes and belt. This style is very current and fashionable. Combination will look good with the black shoes and belt or white, green, the cut is excellent, with fantastic lapels on the blazer. The shoes and wristwatch are retro, in this time very modern, perfectly go with the suit. The shoes are brown leather, excellent for summer.

Grey blazer

Hello friends! Casual combinations are exellent - they can be worn throughout the day and on many occasions. You can always wear a sporty blouse or shirt under the blazer, like I did on the picture. If you wear a shirt, the combination will immediately look quite elegant. You can wear this combination to collage or work - you will look more serious. It will still be a relaxed style, but you will nonetheless demonstrate that you are thinking about your appearance. I am wearing a gray blazer made of cotton. A very comfortable collar can be attached on either side of the jacket, so that you can get two different-looking blazers in one purchase. The cut of the blazer is fantastic. You can combine it with some gray pants or bright-coloured jeans (brighter than mine). Don`t wear it with anything black because it will create too much of a contrast, and that is not the best solution. With this recommendation, you can`t go wrong. I put on my simple, comfortable, white blouse to complete the com…

Handbag collection

Hello friends, bags are one of the most beautiful fashion item, and are extremely practical. It is good to have at least one leather bag. Are good and useful for people who go to collage, work as well as for people who travel frequently.You can put them in everything you need during the day, of different things to laptops. Nowadays bags have become something without which it can not be. With them their outfits do better and classier. I realy love bags, all I have are fantastic goats. Large bag are also very useful for traveling, easily transmitted and fits everuthing you need in them. Does not matter the color bag, but if you want my opinion, when you have a black bag, the next you can buy in any color. I hope you like the post, follow my blog, white your opinion in the comment, and enjoy :)