Romantic winter combination

Hello friends, I am very happy that finally the photos on the blog, I think they are excellent, smiling, happy, cheerful and describe one of my winter day, which is filled with happiness and cmile, like every other day. For this combination I put  on a sweater that is in gentle  tones, it is very thick and warm, good color that fits with a lot of others, brown, yellow, green, orange. This sweater every combination gives warmth and romantic look. Jeans with belt deep, very comfortable, follow the line of the leg, gray Colors are neutral and good for combining. Excellent fit with sneakers and a sports shirt but with an elegant shirt and shoes. Shirt is light blue in color, fine detail on it that are dark blue. I love this shirt, very often wear under a sweater or jacket, to complete the combination, usually to do with a white blouse looks great but with this shirt. Cup is olive green, very romantic and warm, I love it and wear it very often. Boots are very comfortable, the colors are brown,  I like to wear them so I put of jeans or pants into them, to come to the fore because they are very beautiful.
This combination is great for collage or school, daily walk around the city, travel or any obligation to you through the day, enjoy :)

cap -  PULL&BEAR
sweater - Springfield
shirt - Springfield
jeans - Jack&Jones
boots - Converse


  1. Great photos, so cool!
    Love the boots!

  2. I hope you kept warm with all the running! I like the combinations you chose of the muted tones, and that's a great piece of knitwear!

    Raindrops of Sapphire


  3. Love the post and thoughtful content!!
    💗Hope you had an amazing weekend!!
    I am glad you enjoyed reading my recent posts and thank you!!

  4. Great actions running / jumping shots. You look like you are having a lovely day! <3 -

  5. Thanks a lot :D

    you always have great looks :D love all combo

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  6. Beautiful styling :)

  7. You look great xx

  8. Hi Ilija and thank you for your visit! I like very much this outfit, I think you are perfect!!! I like to see that there are also guys who are interested in fashion. Fashion is not only for female, right? Today I have started following you on Google+. Hope you follow me back. What do you think to follow us also on Bloglovin or other socials? Let me know....Have a nice day, kisses,

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    1. You´re completely right that fashion should not only interested in women, than you for the wonderful review :)

  9. cool outfit!

    new post

  10. Amazing photos!

  11. Cool look and pics!

  12. I like the cardigan with the blue shirt. Cool look!

  13. Amazing outfit, the combination is perfect :D
    I'm following your blog :D

  14. How handsome! That look suits you so well! ♥

  15. I need to get my hubby a pair of boots like that! Perfect for winter!

    xoxo Rina Samantha

  16. Thanks a lot :D

    great booties dear :D

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  17. Love this look!! So handsome! :)

  18. Great combo, especially the shoes!!! ;) xo

  19. That is the coolest outfit for going out in the snow! I especially love the sweater and the boots. I never knew that Converse made something like that! I will be searching for a women's version immediately. :)

  20. Thanks a lot :D

    love your cardigan :D

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  21. This post was lovely i felt as if i was following you somewhere. I love your boot i was surprise to see that they're converse i thought it was the brand Sorrel. I love the photos x

  22. Simply and perfect! I love this kind of casual and elegant in man's outfit. Mix blue and beige is fantastic. Sweater has a classic cut. Really GREAT JOB:)!!!

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